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Will Writing Services

Writing a will is not just about what happens to your money. It's about what happens to your family. Our will writing services can help secure your families future in your own home in less than one hour!  Making arrangements to have your Will written could not be easier.  We will arrange to meet you in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you.  We are members of and are regulated by The Society of Will Writers.   Read More

Do not assume that everything will go to your wife or husband. Your children, brothers, sisters and even in-laws may inherit part of your estate. If you are not married, but have children with a partner, your partner may get nothing. If you are separated, your separated spouse could inherit part of your property. What would happen to your children? A court will appoint guardians to decide who will bring up your children.

Although most people consider having a Will, they are unaware of the outcome of dying without a Will.

  • If you die without a Will there are certain rules which govern how your estate will be handed out. This may not reflect how you wish your money and possessions to be allocated
  • If you are unmarried but have a partner but have not registered a Civil Partnership you cannot inherit from each other unless you have a Will in place, this may have serious financial implications
  • If you have a Will it may be possible to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on your estate

Pretty scary stuff and it is so easy to put right.

Contact Legacy Legal Services today for will writing services – making arrangements to have your Will written could not be easier.
In less than an hour, we will answer any questions you may have and then we will take the instructions for your will.

In less than a week, we will present you with a draft document for you to read, check and confirm all the details. Once you have approved any amendments required to the draft, we will draw up the final document, supplying instructions for witnesses and signatories; we can even arrange the witnesses for you.

So don’t delay, protect your family and friends today!

Probate And Estate Administration Services

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a person who has died and transferring their assets to those persons entitled.
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Is Probate always needed? Probate is not always required but is likely to be needed if the deceased;

  • Had individual assets (bank accounts/ISA’s etc) in their name with a value exceeding £10,000.
  • Owned a property in their sole name, or a tenants in common share of a property
  • Benefited from a Trust in their lifetime.

Our Probate Services are provided in partnership with Kings Court Trust Ltd who are Probate and Estate Administration Specialists.

Describing the Probate process:
When a person dies, someone has to deal with the deceased's estate. This person (or persons) is called the Personal Representative.

They will collect in all the money, pay any debts and distribute the estate to those people entitled to it; the beneficiaries.

This whole process is called Estate Administration and part of the process may involve having to apply for Probate.

A ‘Grant of Representation’ from the Probate Registry gives the Personal Representative the legal authority to administer the estate.

Our service provides:

  • Free Probate helpline
  • Probate advice from the experts
  • Friendly and approachable Case Managers
  • Professional Tax, Accountancy and Legal support
  • Fixed price
  • No obligation
  • Quotation for handling the Probate, agreed in advance
  • A home visit to assess the Probate, Legal and Tax work needed

Here is how you can relieve the burden of this arduous task, leave it to us.

You do not have to be a Legacy Legal Services client to take advantage of the professional advice from our Probate team. We understand what you are going through and are here to help you through a difficult time.

Please contact us if you would like free, professional advice on what to do next.


Will Storage and Aftercare Service

Every year thousands of Wills are lost, destroyed, defaced or become out of date.  We are proud to offer our clients a first class secure storage facility and a full Aftercare Service allowing you to update your Wills as and when you require.   Read More

A Will is not something that you should make and then forget about, it should be reviewed regularly and kept up to date.

It is important that it is stored safely, never in your home, as it could be destroyed, lost, defaced or changed.

Your Executors also need to be informed of their appointment and where the Will is being stored.

Our Will Storage Service provides:

  • The safe storage of your original signed Will and other related documents e.g. Power of Attorney, Share Certificates and Title Deeds
  • A copy of the Will to keep at home
  • An electronic copy of your Will is then stored in a separate location
  • Storage Certificates are supplied for you and your Executors to ensure safe retrieval of your Will
  • A letter to your Executors explaining their duties and how to retrieve your Will
  • Details of the location of the Will are then placed on the National Will Register (WILLDATA)
  • A Free Probate Helpline
Our Aftercare Service provides:
  • The secure storage of your documents as in our Will Storage Service.
  • An Annual Review of your Will to ensure that your Will is kept fully up to date in line with your changing circumstances or changes in legislation.
  • Discounts on future products e.g. Power of Attorney, Inheritance Tax Planning, Care Fees Planning, Living Wills and Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.

To benefit from using our Storage and Aftercare Service you do not need to be clients of Legacy Legal Services

Please contact us today on 0800 990 3219.






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